Pioneer GM-D7400M Review – The Best Mono Amplifier With 800-Watt For Audio Car Systems

For some, a factory-built car stereo is just not enough to fulfill their pleasure of music entertainment on the road; therefore, some adhere to upgrade the piece with extra amplifier. Just like its name, a car audio amplifier will magnify low level signal from its source unit and change it into a high level signal for driving the loudspeakers. Thus more quality will be brought.

The best way to get you a good quality amplifier is to stick with the well known manufacturer. Like this Pioneer electronics car audio with its GM-D7400 Mono Amplifier. This Pioneer electronics car audio amplifier is designed to combine high power output and high efficiency. The result is Pioneer well renowned high-fidelity audio. This Pioneer electronics car audio GM-D7400M digital mono amplifier uses digital technology that makes it more than 80 percent efficiency than conventional class A/B amplifiers. That is because this unit is intended to power huge sub-woofers of class D and its renowned efficiency and produce les heat or use as much power.

The Pioneer car audio system GM-D7400M mono amplifier is just incredible, punches the speakers hard with its 800 watts peak power and produces great clarity, and more, it comes with minimal power consumption even at higher volumes. The 0,6 or 12 dB bass boost is a real thing that you can easily notice. With its variable low-pass filters you can tune your subwoofers for maximum performance. You can enjoy great bass feature while at the same time having the gain at a normal level. If you wonder about the size of this great Pioneer electronics car audio you will be amazed of how compact it is. Since the efficiency is increased, the physical size of this unit is become more compact and easier to install. With only 10-1/4″ wide, 2-1/4″ height, 7-15/16″ depth, the amp truly consume just little space, and has a clean looking setup.

The pioneer GM-D7400M includes inputs for patch cables or speaker wire, so you can easily connect it to other systems, such as your existing factory-built stereo.

The Top 10 Audio Car Systems

These systems have been rated to offer the best user experience and sound quality over the years, and it is through consumer feedbacks that we have populated this list. It is however in no particular order. All we can say is that if you’re looking for quality and superior sound and you come across any brand in this list just know that the touch of a button will not disappoint.

• Harman speakers

Harman is a company founded in 1980. It produces very high quality brands under its name such as Harman/Kardon found in Range Rover, Mercedes and BMW, Lexicon found in Rolls Royce and Mark Levinson found in Lexus. Other subsidiary products include Infinity, JBL and AKG. Harman is simply a force to reckon with.

• Bose audio

Bose started very well, being ranked as the best for many years but somewhere in the middle it lost track of the clear path. That is why Mercedes, BMW, Acura and Audi ceased to use it in their cars. Now the management at Bose has taken a major comeback and their newly developed audio components are totally out-of-this-world. They are now with Maserati and Chevrolet, and maybe it’s just a matter of time before the Germans come knocking.

• Alpine

Anytime you talk of cars the Japanese will always pop in, but not for all the wrong reasons. This is so particularly for the head units that Alpine has almost no peer. Another of its offering is the venerable type R line of subwoofers with excellent amplification and crystal clear treble components.

• MTX Thunder

It was remarkable when MTX introduced the legendary jackhammer that sent heads spinning, with a magnet that weighs 56.25 pounds! Not that all big is great, but at MTX size and mediocrity are inversely proportional. Its other products also produce very fine sound that is hard to level any criticism against. Whether it’s a home or car sound system, MTX audio never disappoints.

• Kicker

Long held in high regard, kicker creates high quality amplifiers, subwoofers and crossovers, with its most renowned and respected subwoofer being the square-shaped L7. The first kicker full range box was introduced in 1980 and since then kicker has always been a mark of excellence and refined sound innovation. It also offers home and marine products.

• JL Audio

This list might bear no particular order, but JL Audio subwoofers (particularly the w7) have no equal. They are the best, even 50 cent knew that when he stacked four of them in his Hummer. Another top-notch product by JL Audio is the ZR series component speakers with the slogan, “sounds like I’m at the concert.” Whatever JL Audio puts their name to is unsurpassed, and one can only bow down as Westside connections puts it.

• Pioneer

From the West to the East and once again the Japanese show up. With an expansive product line that goes from very expensive to easily affordable, Pioneer has everyone’s interests at heart. They manufacture car, computer, portable, pro and home audio components, and their $3125 home theater system is like no other. Now who turned off my music?

Other audio brands to enter the list include:
• Polk Audio
• Rockford Fosgate
• Sundown Audio

Car Audio – Car Audio Sale for The Big Boys

As you get older, the “toys” that you get for yourself gradually change. Now as someone announces a car audio sale and you, the man comes thundering with your cheque book and wallets ready to purchase it. As a man myself, I can fully understand why is this so.

You are able to find car audio sale in car accessories store, and every now and then, there will be discounts available to attract you to buy it. Whenever a car audio manufacturer launches a new product model, the price of prior models will drop drastically. When this happens, the car store will offer car audio sale for the public. Still remember the time when compact disc technology being launched? Suddenly the price of all cassette player car audio became very cheap as the stores want to get rid of them quickly.

To look for car audio sale, other than from car accessories stores, you can also visit expos and conventions. Whenever there is a gathering of car audio manufacturer at a convention, you absolutely must go down. However, in these kinds of convention, the audio models that manufacturers display are usually very new. Therefore, if you have the cash to spend and want to invest in a powerful car audio system, you should look out for these kinds of conventions.

Before you splurge your cash, make sure that you know what it is you want to buy. You must first understand what kind of system you need. This is because in a car audio sale, there are many items for you to choose from, which can be overwhelming. Loud, shiny, glittery items are temptations for you, and it is up to you to not buy on impulse. If you are a newbie, make sure that you do your “homework” first before you visit the store.

So what do you need to prepare before you visit a car audio sale? Firstly, take a good look at your current system. What does it need? Do you need to change the stereo system? If you find that you do not need to change anything to your current system but you just want to upgrade it, make sure that what you are going to buy is compatible with your current system. Do not buy a high watt speaker if your amplifier cannot handle it. It will just be a waste of your money. Buy the right parts and save yourself trouble from having to re-sell them again.

If you want to know more about car audio, read car audio magazines. These magazines contain information that you may need before you purchase a system. There are reviews and price listings of the items that you intend to buy. Through these magazines, you will also be able to find out new products and will surely open uo your options.

Lastly, going to a car stereo sale is a good way to meet other audio system enthusiasts. Some of them may even be willing to trade items with you and this will save you the money.

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Why Kenwood Audio Car Speakers Are Popular in Many Stores

Originally from Japan, Kenwood U.S.A was founded in 1963 in Los Angeles California. It produces electronics like car audio and therefore produce Kenwood audio car speakers. There are an array of speakers in many classifications including tweeters. Like other speakers, Kenwood audio car speakers come in different sizes like 7″ speakers they handle 170 watts of power and they have image enhancer technology including many other features. They are custom fit speaker systems and you can read details of their specifications on web sites. Kenwood 4″ speakers are guaranteed to deliver cutting edge technology at an affordable price. Other speakers include dual cone speaker systems, 2 way speaker systems and others.

Kenwood audio car speakers are popular in many stores and when you search for Kenwood in almost all online stores, you are bound to get them. Firstly, know the size of your car before your purchase and ensure there is compatibility. If you are not sure about this, the work of store attendants is to guide on whatever you feel you might need help on. Let them advise you on the right speaker to get from Kenwood. The quality of the product will matter a lot and Kenwood has managed to rise above all and demonstrate very good quality over the years. You can inquire on the materials used to come up with this speakers. The other important thing is the function of your speaker.

Get the right features depending on the function you want your speaker to perform. You must pay close attention to this because you do not want to mess up your entertainment system. If there are features you dislike or features that are not necessary, do not buy such a speaker. Buy a speaker that you become fond of if you are not sure of the speaker to get, search for all the varieties available to make sure you get the right deal. Sometimes, we think we have seen it all when we land on the speaker that seems to make us happy and we ignore the other options that are available. Choose a speaker after having gone through all the Kenwood audio car speakers. This will make sure that you do not regret your decision.

Finally, shop from reputable stores if you want to achieve the right quality and fair prices. Kenwood products are very much affordable and you will get a deal that suits your budget. If you find that some Kenwood audio car speakers are too expensive in some stores for you, find the stores that are cheap. Many cheap car audio stores constantly advertise themselves and you should take advantage of this. If there are certain discounts that are offered, consider going for them because they will help you save your money. Other offers in Kenwood speakers may go a long way in reducing the price. When you have Kenwood product that you need, install it with the help from manuals and enjoy the great music that is going to be rocking your car all the time.

A Brief Time With Audio Car Stuff

There are lots of entertainments you can enjoy while music stereo set in your car. As time elapses, the prices get reduced so it won’t be a big issue affording car stereo. Moreover, it comes with various features like iPod and mp3 ready plus satellite navigation to inform us best route to reach destination. No need to stop your car and ask strangers whom you do not know, use this one as your reliable navigation to reach your destination.

Sure, everyone can enjoy it. You even can use it at home but it may takes proper installation, it may work as it was in car. Let’s enjoy the entertainment while you are moving. Some gears specially designed to fulfill your desire for better quality sound. When you love to hear music with great bass sound, subwoofers will give you what you expect for. You’ll experience a great feeling and be involved in music played on.

Enjoy digital music on it, simply connect your MP3 into your audio car then let’s shake the car with great sound. The available FM transmitter can bring you delight, turn into your favorite channel and let sing the song! It will give you many hours of audio enjoyment. Your music would sound great when subwoofer outfit it. It creates frequencies that others can’t. It must be placed correctly in an enclosure.

Audio car brings simplicity to your life. While driving, you can listen to audio book from your audio car. It saves your time and multiplies benefits you obtain at once: reaching destination and learning something new. Perfect for those who love reading but have no times to read. So, it will be best for you to listen your feeling right now, are you ready shaking the world with audio car. Now, let it shows up!

Many things you can enjoy with audio car, so take it for granted and get benefits from it. Happy listening!